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For a minimal cost, you can use nail tools to perform your own manicure at home or do simple touch-ups between trips to the salon. You can keep your nails in top condition quick and easy, just by having the right tools at hand. Keep nails trimmed and shapely with just a basic nail clipper. They’re a quick solution, as they’re easy and safe to use by any person. Nail files come in a variety of shapes and textures, depending on what you want them to do: give shape to the nail or polish the entire nail surface so that the nail polish glided easier and looks better.

Orange sticks and cuticle trimmers help you remove cuticles and gain more space on your nails, which makes them appear longer, as well as elongate your fingers. Buffers eliminate ridges in the nails and provide a lasting shine. They’re great for natural manicures, French manicure or for sheer nail polish, as they give nails a natural shine. Explore a wide range of different nail tools on FashionMix.