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Pencils are great for eye and lip makeup, as they’re easy to use and allow a precise application. How ever, most makeup pencils need to be sharpened, just like regular pencils. Those of you who use eye pencils to line your eyes perfectly, brow pencils, or even eyeshadow pencils know how frustrating it can be to sharpen them. Some pencils work well with any type of sharpener, while others crumble the minute they hit to blade. Not to mention jumbo sticks for which it can be difficult to find the right sharpener.

If a sharpener doesn’t work properly, you might end up wasting away even half of your product and you certainly don’t want that. Try using a professional sharpener. Designed to sharpen makeup pencils, as they have different textures and sizes and you will notice the difference even from the first use. Discover our assortment of makeup pencils sharpeners on FashionMix, for different pencil sizes.