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Tweezers can help pluck unruly hair or to get scarce hair out from your skin in any area. Regardless of how you use them, all tweezers work the same way, making them a must have beauty tool in your makeup bag. Eyebrows can change the whole appearance of your face, because they’re the ones that offer expressivity and make your eyes appear larger and brighter. The right brow shape can also have a lifting effect to make you appear younger and fresher.

Brow grooming should be a part of your regular beauty routine, as the hairs tend to grow out unruly. In some cases, your brow are too thick, drawing attention from the eye, while in other cases, you need to be careful not to pluck too mach and have too thin brows. Either way, it’s best to have tweezers at hand even in your purse, because you never know when you need to retouch your eyebrows. Browse through our range of brow tweezers on FashionMix to find the right tweezers that help you groom your eyebrows.