Body Lotions Creams

Currently featuring 25 Body Lotions Creams products from 15 different brands. Among them: Victoria's Secret (1 products), Philip B (1 products), Perlier (1 products), Origins (1 products), Molton Brown (1 products).

An essential part of your beauty routine should be applying body lotions or creams on daily basis. Showering can actually dehydrate your skin, even if you use moisturizing products, as they’re washed away and don’t get absorbed into the skin. Rich, nourishing body lotions rehydrate your skin or offer extra moisture during the cold season. They’re used all over the body, but especially in the areas that tend to become overly dry, such as elbows, knees and feet.

Moisture is also important after you exfoliate your skin. After removing dead cells and applying a nourishing body lotion or cream, you will have a very smooth and soft skin, which will also make you feel more comfortable and pampered. These products are great to apply before you use self tanner, because the tinting substances are better absorbed on moisturized skin. Find a great variety of body lotions and creams on FashionMix for incredibly soft skin each day. 

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