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Nothing offers more self-confidence than a pair of boots that fits perfectly. This type of shoe is perfect for almost any occasion, ranging from casual wear, office attire or semi-formal outfits. Asides from color and style, the perfect boots should fit perfectly, no matter the size of your ankles.

If you have thick calves, choose stretchy leather or fabrics and angled cuffs to create a flattering curve on the leg.  Short legs look best in boots with heels or wedges to lengthen the legs visually and vertical elements, such as zippers. If you want to conceal wide feet, look for round and almond-shaped toes (not pointy), that offer plenty of room and slim heels, to look feminine and delicate. Those who have skinny calves are fortunate enough to be able to wear any style of boots, including those with bold details such as ruffles. Find the hottest new boots on FashionMix, browsing through a large variety of sizes, colors and styles.