Cocktail Dresses

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Cocktail dresses are the go-to choice for a variety of social events where elegant attire is required. You can wear them at office parties, wedding receptions or different types of formal and semi-formal events. The perfect cocktail dress should emphasize your best features and it shouldn’t be too embellished, giving you the opportunity to wear different accessories to make you stand out from the crowd. It should also be versatile, so you can go for a glamorous, glittery look or a more natural toned-down approach, depending of the type of event you’re attending.

No matter what type of dress you choose, it’s certain that the cocktail dress is a style staple you need to have in your closet. Discover beautiful cocktail dresses, in various styles, colors and fabrics on FashionMix. Find all the brands and designers you love and shop for cocktail dresses that will make any “happy hour” even happier.