Diamond Rings

Currently featuring 410 Diamond Rings products from 36 different brands. Among them: Zales (125 products), David Yurman (56 products), Ice (15 products), Ring (7 products), jcpenney (4 products).

Diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings in many cultures. Classic an timeless, they’re the most popular kind of center gem for rings, as well as the most durable gemstones, that stand the test of time. You can choose diamond rings considering many factors, such as shape, size and quality.

The diamond shape is important for the overall design and it’s also the most important factor to consider when it comes to various combinations, involving different metals or gemstones combinations. The right shape can make a difference between a classic design and a modern one. Also, the size and quality is important, as diamond rings are an investment for the future and you want to make sure your diamond ring will equally valuable over the years, as it is now. Discover a wonderful selection of diamond rings from top brands on FashionMix. Find great, timeless pieces that will become staple items in your jewelry collection.