Evening Shoes

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Shopping for evening shoes is every woman’s guilty pleasure. This type of shoes is the one that designers usually go overboard with, creating beautiful pieces, using interesting fabrics and surprising elements. The golden rule for choosing the right pair of evening shoes is opting for a basic design if you wear an embellished dress and vice versa.

The materials and details are what’s making a shoe “special” and not particularly the design. Evening shoes feature various embellishments, such as brooches, rhinestones, sequins or crystals. The fabrics used are also more luxurious. Think about satin, velvet or suede, fabrics that are not often used in casual shoes. When it comes to color, black, silver and gold are the most obvious choices, but bright colors serve as a touch of color for monochrome outfits. Discover a stunning selection of evening shoes on FashionMix, in various colors, sizes and styles, to upgrade your wardrobe with the most trendy, comfortable and gorgeous shoes.