Hair Scalp Treatments

Currently featuring 8 Hair Scalp Treatments products from 6 different brands. Among them: Origins (1 products), Nioxin (1 products), Nexxus (1 products), Herbal Essences (1 products), Chi (1 products).

Recondition, repair and protect your hair while moisturizing your strands and soothe the scalp. If you have to deal with excess sebum or with dandruff, your hair will become thinner, grow slower and eventually can even start to fall out. Treat itchy, flaky scalp, caused by conditions ranging from mild dandruff to seborrheic dermatitis. Hair scalp treatments leave your hair shiny and manageable and relieve itchy scalp even for hours after you use them.

Hair scalp treatments contain active ingredients and/or natural extracts that offer plenty of benefits and treat all kind of scalp symptoms. In order to have a healthy hair, start from the bottom, with the scalp. A healthy scalp is the basis for healthy hair, therefore you should treat various scalp issues that might lead to hair damage. Choose the best products for your scalp from our range of hair scalp treatments on FashionMix to have healthy and shiny hair starting from the roots up.