Hair Shampoo Damaged Chemically Treated

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Most hair shampoos contain detergents for the purpose of removing dirt and oil from strands, but they will also strip color molecules from the hair cuticle. For chemically treated or damaged strand, you need a gentler shampoo, usually alcohol-and sulfate-free formulas. Look for shampoos that contain proteins, which help smooth the cuticles, giving your hair a vibrant shine. This will also accentuate your hair color, regardless if you have colored or bleached hair.

These shampoos are specifically designed for hair color that fades easily, to prevent color loss, but also to keep your hair moisturized and healthy. A vibrant shine and a beautiful hair color is all you need to draw the attention wherever you go. Make sure your hair looks and feels great all the time with hair shampoos for damaged or chemically treated hair from top brands available on FashionMix. Offer your hair hydration and protection and help it become vibrant and shiny.