Longsleeve Tops

Currently featuring 31 Longsleeve Tops products from 26 different brands. Among them: Theory (2 products), Vivienne Westwood (1 products), Stella McCartney (1 products), Self-Portrait (1 products), Sea (1 products).

The best way to stay warm when it’s cold outside is to wear layered outfits. The best base for these outfits is a long-sleeved top, as it’s versatile and you have various possibilities to style it. Long-sleeve tops go great with jeans and boots or sneakers, under cardigans, blazers and sweaters and if you choose a basic color or a neutral shade, you can style it however you want, adding accessories for a touch of color.

You can also make a long-sleeved top the center point of an outfit, if you go with surprising fabric combinations, bold prints and interesting patterns that space up any spring or fall outfit. No matter if you prefer pants or skirts, these tops are a go-to option when you need to create an outfit that you can wear all day, starting your day at the office and ending it at a dinner with your friends. Shop a large selection of long sleeve tops on FashionMix, ranging in various styles, fabrics and colors.