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Every woman needs a couple of pair of pumps in her shoe collection, no matter if she prefers to wear flats or sneakers. For special occasions and events, such as formal dinners, wedding and other types of formal events, you look stunning when you wear a nice pair of high heels. Some women feel more confident wearing pumps, others like to draw the attention on their legs. Pumps elongate the legs and make them appear slimmer.

Heels with special details draw attention, and a more “exotic” pair of pumps will become the center point of attention for any outfit. Pumps make you look thinner because they force you to change your posture when you’re wearing them. Pumps are classic high-heeled shoes, with closed toes, and that’s why they’re often worn at the office for a professional look. Discover a great selection of pumps, in different sizes, colors and styles on FashionMix, to add trendy and stylish shoes to your collection.