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Currently featuring 115 Shoes Athletic products from 31 different brands. Among them: Nike (24 products), Puma (10 products), Reebok (8 products), adidas (7 products), New Balance (6 products).

The simplest way to improve your regular workouts is to choose the right pair of athletic shoes. The right type of shoes should be geared towards your routine and your body, regardless if you run or doing different kinds of exercises. For example, running shoes are perfect for jogging or running, while cross-trainers are designed to offer support for side-to-side movement, like in weight training, yoga or kickboxing.

When choosing athletic shoes, it’s important to consider various factors, depending on the type of physical activity you do. These are elements such as smoother, bouncier gait, flexibility, reduced heel slippage stabilizing roll bars to help protect de arches and many more. Athletic shoes are an investment, because they protect your feet and help you feel comfortable. Luckily plenty of shoes have also a trendy design. Find the perfect pair of athletic shoes on FashionMix, available in various sizes, colors and styles, suitable for all kinds of sports activities.


cat footwear Women's Ally 6" WP CT
CAT Footwear
ariat Women's Terrain Pro
$119.95 $95.99