Teen Girls Jackets

Currently featuring 22 Teen Girls Jackets products from 15 different brands. Among them: Roxy (3 products), Wet Seal (2 products), Billabong (2 products), Xhilaration (1 products), Volcom (1 products).

Usually teenage girls love to have a few cool and unique jackets in different colors and designs so they can match their outfits when they’re getting ready for school, but it’s also important to choose jackets that are both practical and trendy, to find the right combination of functionality and style. Moto style jackets are always trendy among teen girls, but they’re also great to create different types of outfits with and edgy feel.

Cotton jackets are perfect for a casual-chic look and they’re perfect for school, for going out in the city or for hanging out with friends. Denim jackets, floral prints or leather jackets are also among favorites with young girls. No matter what style you’re looking for, keep in mind to choose fabrics and cuts that are figure-flattering, depending on the body type. Explore our wide selection of teen girl’s jackets on FashionMix, available in different styles, colors and fabrics. 

Honey Punch Acid Wash Denim Moto Jacket
$99.95 $49.97
Honey Punch
Kendall & Kylie Buttoned Blazer
$79 $55.3
Studded Utility Jacket
Wet Seal
Roxy Wildlife Jacket
$239.95 $179.99
Sheer Lace Moto Jacket
Wet Seal
Roxy KJ Tribe Jacket
$259.95 $194.99