Teen Girls Tops

Currently featuring 199 Teen Girls Tops products from 46 different brands. Among them: Wet Seal (33 products), Full Tilt (11 products), aerie (6 products), Xhilaration (5 products), Billabong (5 products).

When it comes to creating a young girl’s wardrobe, you have to separate school clothes from casual clothes, for everyday wear. Basic, lightweight tops, in different styles are very versatile and useful to create layered outfits, during cold days. They can be long-sleeved or short-sleeved, with various necklines and you can wear them under coats, jackets, vests or other types of outerwear.

There are also some other types of tops, with fun prints and bold graphics, that teen girls like to wear while spending time with friends, doing various activities or during sports events. You can even find more dressy tops for special occasions, that can be worn paired with a beautiful skirt. Shop a large variety of teen girl’s tops, in different styles, colors and fabrics on FashionMix. Choose tops for everyday wear, for school or for special occasions, from some of the most popular brands and designers.

Aerie Twist Open Back Tank
$24.95 $9.98