Womens Outerwear

Currently featuring 12 Womens Outerwear products from 9 different brands. Among them: Rag & Bone (2 products), Haute Hippie (2 products), Versace (1 products), Surell (1 products), Lafayette 148 New York (1 products).

You don’t have to endure cold temperatures to be fashionable. Choose from a wide range of stylish womens outerwear for women in various styles and sizes to keep you warm and cozy, but also to complete a fashionable outfit. Statement womens outerwear is taking the runway by storm this season. Everything from faux fur to army style pockets, coats and jackets are the best way to integrate bold fabrics and details for a perfect look. Womens outerwear is clothing designed to be worn outside by definition, but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to follow the latest fashion trends.

Your wardrobe should have many options of coats, jackets vests and other types of womens outerwear to keep you warm at all times. Find womens outerwear that’s guaranteed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable, in all types of weather on FashionMix. Look fantastic no matter the weather and shop for a huge selection of womens outerwear, for cold winter days or for those rainy days when you need extra protection on FashionMix.

Valina Two-Tone Long Sleeve Coat
$478 $189.99
Lafayette 148 New York
Faux Fur Toggle Vest
$225 $59.99
Houndstooth Bouclé Coat
$1260 $503.99
Cammie Sweater Coat
$595 $237.99
Rag & Bone
Blanket Oversized Wool Coat
$895 $357.99
Rag & Bone
Stager Leather & Shearling Jacket
$1595 $637.99
Faux Fur Vest
$190 $149.99
Paisley-Quilted Down Jacket
$1138 $340.79
Draped Trenchcoat
$695 $184.09
Haute Hippie
Hooded Rabbit Fur Vest
$1695 $959.99
Haute Hippie
Printed Fur & Knit Wool Coat
$10820 $7999.99
Dolce & Gabbana