Womens Suits

Currently featuring 41 Womens Suits products from 23 different brands. Among them: Calvin Klein (5 products), Rebecca Taylor (3 products), Mango (3 products), Chanel (3 products), Topshop (2 products).

Womens suits are style staples in any businesswoman’s wardrobe. However, these clothing items have evolved during the years and they’ve become more versatile, so that you can wear them at the office and even after hours, with just a few minor changes, such as a different top, different accessories or different types of shoes. In terms of colors, most womens suits are navy or dark charcoal, as these are empowering colors, but you can choose brighter colors if they fit your style better.

The best quality of womens suits is that they’re usually monochrome, which makes it easier to accessorize them or to add a splash of color with shirts, shoes, bags or other elements of your outfit. Suits are perfectly fitted, flattering your figure and creating a beautiful silhouette. Choose from hundreds of womens suits available on FashionMix, in various sizes, styles and colors, to create a sharp business outfit for the office.

Akris Punto Striped Wool Pantsuit
$165 $132
Akris Punto
$808 $161
CNC Costume National
Suite 712 Body Creme
Henri Bendel